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Professional Service team

Having a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers is the basis for effective work. ​Based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s overall situation, including market opportunities and existing business difficulties, ECO BAITA service team is able to communicate timely and provide pointed information. In the fierce market competition, ECO BAITA, as a stable supplier, has provided timely, effective, and continuous professional solutions and services for your business.

Customized Product

The ability to innovate is the guarantee of the sustainable development of enterprises. ECO BAITA supplies multiple of food paper packaging, from coffee cups, soup containers with lid, salad bowl with lid, paper bag and accessory, providing you with a one-stop convenience service. A full various styles for selecting, And can customize the Size/Printing/Material.

Comprehensive Solution

Coping with the risks and challenges brought about by global market changes in the direction of enterprise survival and development. As a sustainable material, paper can effectively reduce the waste of resources and save the cost of transportation and storage. In response to the adverse effects of COVID-19, war, and climate crisis, we have introduced a range of applicable packaging, such as Economical Package Series for low price, Aqueous Coating Series for eco friendly, and Mini Food Container for reducing food waste. These are in line with the trend of global economic development and consumers shopping.

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