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Customizable Solution

Customizable Design

According to different design requirements, we provide ordinary offset printing, UV offset printing and flexo printing and other printing methods for your choice. You can choose CMYK color mode or specific ink for spot color printing, we will effectively communicate with you to achieve better printing effect.

Customizable Material

Different types of paper have different properties. ECO BAITA provides you with customized food packaging solutions, and can recommend suitable paper and coating combinations for you.

Customizable Size

The product line of ECO BAITA is rich in content and complete in size. You can easily purchase regular product sizes you need. On the other hand, we can also provide size customization services to expand the capacity setting and application scenarios of food for you to attract consumers more.


Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before.

McDonald’s announced its packaging will be 100% renewable and recycled by 2025.

Millennials are pushing brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible.

British marketplaces are being built around eliminating single-use plastics.

It’s clear that the term ‘eco-friendly packaging’ is clearly more than a buzzword.

In fact, implementing eco packaging in your brand’s operations is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.


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